Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clinton lectures China on Iranian threat

China Needs To Think About The Longer-term Implications; As Does The U.S.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a speech at a French military academy in Paris, discussed the Chinese government reluctance to apply tough sanctions to Iran in an attempt to stop that country's production of nuclear material that can be used in the development of nuclear weapons. Clinton said that China needs to understand the longer-range negative impact that a nuclear armed Iran and a destabilized Gulf region would have on the flow of resources that country desperately needs to fuel it's growth. This speech came on a day when the United States announced arms sales to Taiwan of $6 billion, a move that will anger the Chinese government.

She said that "China will be under a lot of pressure to recognize the destabilizing impact that a nuclear-armed Iran would have in the [Persian] Gulf, from which they receive a significant percentage of their own supplies."

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Battle of the Bulge and War on Terror

The Greatest Generation Forward to Generations Baby Boomer and X

Although a little slow on the uptake, the United States came to understand the necessity for winning World War II. There was no option for losing, as we faced an enemy led by a leader, Hitler, bent on world domination and in the creation of a world order that was defined by his beliefs of what it should be.

The leaders of the nation and of our allies made decisions that were based on the defeat of an enemy that they knew had to be defeated. These were not easy decisions, as these types of decisions never will be. But they were made not only for the near-term defeat of the enemy, but for what they hoped would be the long-term preservation of our way of life.

Religious Extremists and the Obama Way

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  George Santayana

Today, our leaders take a different approach in protecting not only our homeland security, but also the security of the world. It was actually an approach that was attempted with Hitler, but that of course failed miserably as you cannot negotiate with men such as that....

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Healthcare or Bust" or "Healthcare and Bust"

Potential Outcome Of Massachusetts Senate Election Is A Fly In The Democrat Ointment 

The Democrats certainly were not counting on Scott Brown to be in a position to win the Senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy. But a combination of a strong and aggressive campaign run by Scott Brown and ignorant comments coupled with a poorly run campaign by Martha Coakley has raised that exact potential outcome...

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The curtain rises on Obama

If You Couldn't Get Enough, Obama Now On Stage

For those who have not yet gotten tired of seeing President Obama incessantly on television, or who still get a charge from hearing him on radio, Obama, the musical opened in Germany. Called "Hope - The Obama Musical Story", the play is a running commentary on the Presidents ascendency to the White House.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama Mea Culpa Is On The Way Today

President Obama To Give Speech Today On Failures and Future Plans After Failed Detroit Bombing

In typical Obama administration fashion, he is going to come on the airwaves to tell the American public how the intelligence community failed to connect the dots (their failure, not his), and how he is now going to institute new security measures such as many more air marshalls on flights (always reactive, never proactive).
The failure of the intelligence community is only part of the problem here, and any new measures only part of the solution.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

President Obama is not instilling that warm and fuzzy feeling

One Year In, The Overwhelming Focus On Matters Other Than National Security Leaves Us Less Safe Than Under President Bush

More popular as a country under this "leader" maybe, less feared perhaps and certainly not more safe. Viewed as weaker, as a caterer to all things left and an appeaser par excel lance. A great speechmaker, but not a great mover of world leaders to his point of view.

The direction and fate of the country is his now. No more of the crap about the country that he inherited. No more being able to place the failings of his administration at the door of the Bush administration. The intelligence gathering operation that led to a near tragedy over the skies of Detroit are courtesy of Mr. Obama, and his weak, inept, soft, misguided domesticentric (newly coined) administration.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nigerian man allegedly confesses to botched terrorist attack on Northwest flight

Reports say that Abdul Mudallad, a Nigerian citizen, flying from Nigeria to the United States through Amsterdam, allegedly confessed to authorities that his attempt to blow up the Northwest airlines flight was on orders given to him by al-Qaeda.

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