Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2012? With Our Leadership We Should Worry Today!

Relax Everybody: Healthcare Was Cleared For Debate In The Senate

Home from an Asian trip that was a waste of presidential time and taxpayer money, the President is back on his laser point of healthcare reform and Afghanistan procrastination, national security be damned.

Returning from his recent trip to Asia with very little to show for it, particularly from the Chinese, the situation with the Iranians continues to just float by as nothing is done, and our two main allies show little interest in doing anything, sanctions included.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9

Remember The Beatles Revolution 9? Very Strange. Sorry, That Was Penny Lane
President ObamaCould Potentially Hold The Ninth Meeting On Afghanistan This Week
President Obama is off on his trip to the Far East, ready to come home to deal with the many items piling up on his plate: healthcare, the economy, Thanksgiving, Democrat fundraising, the environment, early Christmas shopping, you name it. Busy, busy schedule. Somewhere in all of that he will fit in his ninth meeting with his war council on the troop decision in Afghanistan. To date he has spent a good 20-30 hours with them. That 20-30 hours has been spread over many months (close to 11 in office to date), leading one to believe that this decision is not his number one priority.
He probably spends more time than that in a week lobbying for his healthcare bill. What message is this sending to the rest of the world, let alone his troops and the country.
Multiple Choice Problem

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2012: An Article Of What Constitutes Off Limits In The New World


2012: An Article Of What Constitutes Off Limits In The New World

The following article is a discussion of the movie which looks at the supposed end of the world in 2012. Within the movie there are depictions of the destruction of important religious icons around the world but for one religion. Why? The reason is fear. Not fear of offending because many of the pictures and scenes in the movie have the potential to offend one religion or another. No, it is fear of violent retribution. This poses a problem going forward, as the situation stands to only get worse.

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Iran: What Credibility Do The Words Of This Man Have?

From The New York Homeland Security Examiner

Not Ahmadinejad But Barack Obama

I don't know about the rest of you, but the fact that Iran is running this show, making the international community look like fools on the subject of the nuclear armament of this rogue country is extremely troubling. It is unfortunately very obvious that Iran is going to be able to play out the string due to the United States lack of resolve and the double dealing of our negotiating partners.

(Fox News) "President Obama told Iran Sunday that the international community will not wait in perpetuity for the regime respond to a UN offer over its nuclear program. "We are now running out of time with respect to that approach," he said, sitting alongside Russian President Dmitri Medvedev."

Unfortunately, when the time comes that the patience runs out our next step will be sanctions in the hands of the impotent United Nations, along with our partners who will likely go back door to violate them. But first let's look at the time factor.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

From The Picture Archive and A Rhetorical Masterpiece, Now What?

(Gothamist) "This ad for Pakistan Airlines is real. And in the history of advertising, it really takes the creepy cake. Even worse than babies endorsing cigarettes! Seriously, if Nostradamus ran an ad firm to warn the world aboutblowback, this would have been in his portfolio.
It appeared in the March 19th, 1979 issue of Le Point (and surely countless other publications). Yes, the shadow is in pretty much in the same place as where the planes hit on September 11th, and there's no way the shadow should be that big unless it's seconds away from hitting the towers...but we don't think this should evoke any conspiracy theories. Right?" 
President Obama Gives Good Speech: Afghanistan Ad Nauseum
No question about it. When he is scripted he will typically deliver well as he did at the memorial ceremony at Fort Hood....
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Afghanistan: Overseas Healthcare Operations

Author's Note: Although I understand that a great deal of focus is spent by me on foreign affairs and national security issues, the events at Fort Hood have shown that the United States faces threats not only overseas, but on our own soil as well. The phrase "Overseas Contingency Operations," coined by this White House was an attempt to deflect that reality so that domestic issues could become the priority. The reality is here and now. 

We face a Global War On Terror, and that certainly includes the United States. There are people and groups that would like to see our society and way of life destroyed, and places like Afghanistan and Pakistan are ground zero for the development of the terrorists. We unfortunately have some of those same issues here. Let your representatives know that you are aware of where the focus in Washington should be. If the terrorists and countries such as Iran have their way, domestic issues will not matter.  

If Only Afghanistan Could Be Renamed Overseas Healthcare Operations: Then It Would Get The Presidents Attention!

Until then, whatever decision is ultimately made will be done in dribs and drabs, fit in around a domestic agenda.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Inglorious 30th Anniversary In Iran

From the New York Homeland Security Examiner

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same: Where Were You When...

Where were you when the Iranian hostage crisis began? I was a junior in college, and in the '70's the mind was on things other than international affairs. But this story hit home. Americans, on American "soil", attacked and captured by "students", police and the Revolutionary Guard who overran our Iranian Embassy under the direction of the Ayatollah Khomeni.

The Iran Crisis - America Held Hostage: Day 1 - 444

Night after night at 11:30, people would gather to watch that days events unfold surrounding these 52 hostages. As a college student I didn't realize the world view of Jimmy Carter, his weakness, indecisiveness and lack of resolve. His inability to make a move to free these American citizens, captured on American territory and held for weeks and then years made a mockery of our stature as a world power. It was an embarrassment on a grand scale, as our own citizens and leaders around the world came to realize the level of incompetence emanating from the White House.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Iran: Tail Wagging The Dog

So What Is Going On?

The IAEA is looking for a response while nations take a rhetorical hard line regarding the fact that the proposed deal on the table is the only deal and not open to negotiation. It is a rock and a hard place scenario, but not for Iran. For the boys who cried wolf in the form of the United States and other interested parties.

Remember the good old days of mutually assured destruction. You know, you lob one at us and we lob 3 at you. True, those were scary times because who really knew the pain threshold of the other side. Nuclear weapons were relatively new and unknown. Today they are no longer new and are totally known and understood. The nuclear club that had been the USSR and United States, two relatively sane nations, is now comprised of a multitude of countries, and God forbid organizations with no borders or a truly organized government infrastructure who have the clearly stated goal of destroying the west.

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