Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Afghanistan: Overseas Healthcare Operations

Author's Note: Although I understand that a great deal of focus is spent by me on foreign affairs and national security issues, the events at Fort Hood have shown that the United States faces threats not only overseas, but on our own soil as well. The phrase "Overseas Contingency Operations," coined by this White House was an attempt to deflect that reality so that domestic issues could become the priority. The reality is here and now. 

We face a Global War On Terror, and that certainly includes the United States. There are people and groups that would like to see our society and way of life destroyed, and places like Afghanistan and Pakistan are ground zero for the development of the terrorists. We unfortunately have some of those same issues here. Let your representatives know that you are aware of where the focus in Washington should be. If the terrorists and countries such as Iran have their way, domestic issues will not matter.  

If Only Afghanistan Could Be Renamed Overseas Healthcare Operations: Then It Would Get The Presidents Attention!

Until then, whatever decision is ultimately made will be done in dribs and drabs, fit in around a domestic agenda.

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