Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Iran: Tail Wagging The Dog

So What Is Going On?

The IAEA is looking for a response while nations take a rhetorical hard line regarding the fact that the proposed deal on the table is the only deal and not open to negotiation. It is a rock and a hard place scenario, but not for Iran. For the boys who cried wolf in the form of the United States and other interested parties.

Remember the good old days of mutually assured destruction. You know, you lob one at us and we lob 3 at you. True, those were scary times because who really knew the pain threshold of the other side. Nuclear weapons were relatively new and unknown. Today they are no longer new and are totally known and understood. The nuclear club that had been the USSR and United States, two relatively sane nations, is now comprised of a multitude of countries, and God forbid organizations with no borders or a truly organized government infrastructure who have the clearly stated goal of destroying the west.

Read the entire story at the New York Homeland Security Examiner.

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