Thursday, December 31, 2009

President Obama is not instilling that warm and fuzzy feeling

One Year In, The Overwhelming Focus On Matters Other Than National Security Leaves Us Less Safe Than Under President Bush

More popular as a country under this "leader" maybe, less feared perhaps and certainly not more safe. Viewed as weaker, as a caterer to all things left and an appeaser par excel lance. A great speechmaker, but not a great mover of world leaders to his point of view.

The direction and fate of the country is his now. No more of the crap about the country that he inherited. No more being able to place the failings of his administration at the door of the Bush administration. The intelligence gathering operation that led to a near tragedy over the skies of Detroit are courtesy of Mr. Obama, and his weak, inept, soft, misguided domesticentric (newly coined) administration.

To read the full article, please click here for the New York Homeland Security Examiner.

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