Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clinton lectures China on Iranian threat

China Needs To Think About The Longer-term Implications; As Does The U.S.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a speech at a French military academy in Paris, discussed the Chinese government reluctance to apply tough sanctions to Iran in an attempt to stop that country's production of nuclear material that can be used in the development of nuclear weapons. Clinton said that China needs to understand the longer-range negative impact that a nuclear armed Iran and a destabilized Gulf region would have on the flow of resources that country desperately needs to fuel it's growth. This speech came on a day when the United States announced arms sales to Taiwan of $6 billion, a move that will anger the Chinese government.

She said that "China will be under a lot of pressure to recognize the destabilizing impact that a nuclear-armed Iran would have in the [Persian] Gulf, from which they receive a significant percentage of their own supplies."

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